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15.07.2013 01:29:52


I adore Roses. In June when the Rosa Rugosas are blooming I've often got a newly opeend bloom on my person somehow, in my hair, in a button, pocket, wherever I can get away with. Without the real thing I love Epic for most interesting tale, and Velvet Rose for freshest most realistic, Tauer's Une Rose Chypre when I want rose and yet a bigger story. I wear Ta'if when I'm craving rose and gourmand. I know it's not officially a gourmand, but there's a sense behind the rose to me that reads as slightly caramel, somehow, yet not sweet. It's almost a synesthetic switch for me, I could be smelling the note and picturing caramel'. Anyway Rose Ikebana is cool and mysterious for me, makes me think of a deep shaded pool on a hot day. Incense Rose seems to have made it's way to the back of my bottles lately, not sure why. I don't wear JM's Red Roses but I do have a bottle, and find it's a very interesting gateway for friends who are just beginning to express interest in perfume. A couple of mls in a travel spray and discussions can commence.